Option Income From Becton Dickinson

Becton Dickinson (BDX) is a major global medical technology company that provides devices, instruments, and reagents used by healthcare institutions. The company consistently grows earnings year after year and has a long history of regular dividend hikes. The stock currently yields 2.3%. While the company represents a conservative income play, a higher income may be found by selling the May 19, 2012 75 strike puts, currently bid at $1.1. Every contract sold puts $110 in your pocket. Should the stock close under 75 on May 19, 2012, you would own 100 shares for every contract sold and your cost basis would be 73.9, a few bucks off the panic market low of 69.59 set on October 2011. If you end up owning shares in this conservative company, you can easily sell calls on it to generate some more income and lower your cost basis even further.


About jstradingnotes

I spend a lot of time analyzing the economy and securities. The effort has enabled me to generate multi-thousand percent returns on my trading capital over the past twelve years. The next few years offer an incredible opportunity to take outsized gains from the markets. Large structural imbalances in the major western economies will result in enormous market volatility as the imbalances get resolved, offering generational money-making opportunities. The major imbalances are excessive sovereign debt, crazy risk concentration in major banks, and enormous derivative exposure in the financial sector. A systemic shock can easily create a default cascade through the financial system where one failure precipitates another and another and so on. Central banks are very aware of the risks, and they are filling the financial system with liquidity by printing new money, risking massive inflation in a few short years for the United States and Europe. China has 2-3 trillion in dollar exposure, and they would like to have far less for fear of continued currency devaluation (they've lost billions holding dollars as the value erodes). As the size of their holdings prevent them from rapidly liquidating their dollar assets (which includes U.S. treasuries), they are instead spending their dollars on resources (copper mines, rare earth metal mines, oil wells, etc.). Lately they have been accumulating gold assets, perhaps with a view to making the Renminbi convertible into gold and displacing the U.S. dollar as the international reserve currency. Their gold buying is enormous and presents an easy investment thesis: ride the Chinese horse and buy gold and gold stocks. In this blog, I'd like to share some of my trading ideas and insights on the markets as these exciting times unfold.
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